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Make a Donation

By making a donation to Jewish Child and Family Service you will help us continue our work of providing for those in need – whether it is an individual who is dealing with an overwhelming problem, a child that is struggling with a challenge or a frail elderly parent who is trying to manage, JCFS is there to offer the professional help that is needed. Thank you for your support.

Yes! I would like to support the work of Jewish Child and Family Service.

Send a Tribute Card

A General Agency Donation Card is a wonderful way to acknowledge a special event in the life of your family or friends. Upon receiving your call, an attractive tribute card will immediately be mailed from the JCFS office to the person or family you are honouring.

Yes! I would like to send a General Agency Donation Card.

Cover Our Kids with Care

Send out a special tribute card in support of the foster care program.

With your generous support JCFS will be able to purchase the materials necessary to make beautiful handmade quilts, and then gift a personalized quilt to every child in its foster care program. While these quilts will have a practical use, they also will represent the care and individual attention that are the hallmarks of the agency’s foster care program.

By sending out a Cover Our Kids with Care tribute card you will support our efforts to provide all foster care children with beautiful quilts to treasure, and the experiences and opportunities that will help them grow into healthy and confident adults.

Yes! I would like to contribute to Cover Our Kids with Care.