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Child Welfare

The Jewish Child and Family Service Child Welfare Program is fully mandated under the Child and Family Services ACT of Manitoba to provide voluntary supports and protection services to Jewish children and their families in Manitoba. As a child welfare agency, JCFS is committed to keeping children safe while employing a strength-based approach that builds respectful partnerships with the families and children being served. The program assists families dealing with all forms of abuse and/or neglect, where the safety of children is at risk.


What is abuse and neglect?

Child abuse means physically or emotionally harming a child, sexually molesting a child, failing to provide proper care or depriving a child of support or affection.

For more details, you can visit the Manitoba Child and Family Services Act online.

Here are some of the most common signs:

SEXUAL ABUSE: is any sexual exploitation of a child by a caregiver or someone else and includes sexual touching, procuring sexual activity from a child, exposing genitals to a child and incest. Behavioral signs include inappropriate sexually explicit drawings, displaying sexual acts or unusual sexual knowledge.

NEGLECT: most parents and caregivers don't intend to neglect their children. Instead, neglect is usually the result of a lack of knowledge or understanding about parenting and an inability to plan ahead. When there is a pattern where the caregiver fails to provide basic needs, such as food, sleep, safety, supervision, appropriate clothing or medical treatment, it is considered to be neglect.

PHYSICAL ABUSE: is when a child is injured or harmed by his or her caregiver, or when the caregiver fails to do something to protect the child. Injuries include bruises, cuts, burns and fractures.

EMOTIONAL ABUSE: happens when a caregiver treats a child in an extremely negative way that damages self-esteem and the concept of "self." This type of behavior might include constant yelling, demeaning remarks, rejection or isolation. Common signs are: severe depression, extreme withdrawal or aggressiveness.

How do I report child abuse?

Are you worried about a child? JCFS is here to help. You don't need to be sure. If you suspect that a child is being abused or neglected call us. It is our job to figure out if what is happening is abuse or neglect. While the presence of any sign is not proof that a child has been abused, it's important to know what to look for. In most cases, children will show a number of physical and behavioral indicators. Child abuse has many faces.

It's your duty to report child abuse.

Every adult in Manitoba has the legal obligation to report child abuse to a child welfare agency. Jewish Child & Family Service is one such agency, so if you know or suspect a Jewish child is being abused call us right away.

REMEMBER: Jewish Child and Family Service direct line is 204-477-7430 and we are open Monday to Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm. If you are unable to reach us, please call ANCR @ 204-944-4200 24 HRS A DAY.