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Mental Health Support Services

Mental Health Support Services is here to Support, Empower and Assist you!

The JCFS Mental Health Program aims to support, empower and assist Jewish individuals living with mental health differences towards the achievement of their personal goals in the areas of:

Mental Health services are provided within the context of the Mental Health Recovery Model and are individualized and flexible. Approached through a holistic lens, JCFS Mental Health Support Services are offered in keeping with to Jewish cultural and spiritual values.

How can Mental Health Support Services help?

Mental health support services help clients learn new skills and coping strategies, and gain insight and self-awareness so that they can live satisfying and rewarding lives as friends, neighbours, co-workers, spouses, parents, children and siblings.

JCFS is there to support you in learning new skills and in gaining insight and self-awareness.


Aging Mental Health
In conjunction with the Older Adult Services (OAS)  team, JCFS Mental Health Support Services  provide highly specialized, cross-program services to clients requiring unique supports to address mental health needs along with issues related to aging.

Participate in Peer Driven Wellness Groups
JCFS Chaverim Wellness Group provides an opportunity to socialize and learn in a supportive environment surrounded by friends.

Click here to download the Mental Health Support Services brochure (PDF).